ADVICE: Things not to forget before leaving on your driving holiday


Imagine a pleasant driving holiday into the Blue Mountains or along the Great Ocean Road, stopping to see the sights or stay a night here and there. Now imagine how quickly all those wonderful memories would be expunged on arrival home to find it burgled or razed to the ground.

When we travel for a holiday, it's common to have the car serviced and properly loaded – including entertainment for the kids. The head of the family usually takes care of the travel plan as well, but in the rush to pack and get on the road what's often neglected is home security.

While no one can guarantee a house fire or burglary will never happen, there are a few tips to reduce the risk. Breaking and entering is much less likely to take place if you arrange for someone you can trust to check the home every few days while you're on the road. Someone trustworthy would be a long-standing friend or a family member, as long as it's not ice-addicted Jimmy, your twice-removed cousin-in-law, living in a squat.